Leveling of Metal Sheets at Pilana

Leveling of metal sheets at Pilana is done by ARKU FlatMaster 80. This machine is top of its class enabling us to significantly improve on the quality of leveling metal sheets in our saw bodies. The integrated servo-hydraulic gap control regulates a constant gap between the upper and lower leveling bank, which ensures higher flatness.

During the leveling process high forces occur both on the sheet and the leveler. A non-hydraulic leveler reacts by enlarging the gap between the upper and lower leveling bank, due to mechanical tolerances. When parts are of high tensile material or vary in shape, the changes of the leveling gap increase. The hydraulic parts leveler, FlatMaster, adjusts the gap constant permanently. A servo-hydraulic gap control detects any widening of the leveling gap and reacts by building up a contrary force with hydraulic cylinders. Thus, a constant leveling gap provides excellent flatness.

ARKU FlatMaster 80


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