Chipper Knives

Material: special chipper steel developed for manufacture of chipper and flaker knives
Usage: crushing of waste timber, cutting timber to chips intended for flaking
Machine: chippers

Chipper Knives
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  • chipper knives of hardness 52 to 58 HRC
  • heat treatment made in a special computer-controlled furnace
  • angle of cutting edge: 26° to 40° as per type of machine and sort and condition of wood
  • manufacture of any knife as per drawing documentation or according to a sample
  • beside knives, we deliver also counter-knives, pressure bars and other components, depending on type of machine

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Chipper Knives Chipper Knives

We produce knives mainly for the following machines

Ahlstrom Bush Esterer Jenz Murraray Segem
Altec CAE EWD Klöckner Murrary
Ari Camura Ferrari KMW NHS Schmidt
Asplundh Canadac Fujikogio Kockum Nicolson Siba
Bandit Candac Fulghum Kone Wood Olathe Sjolins
Berkli Carthage Gustin Som LGU Pallmann Soderhamn
Bezner Comact Hedlund Linck Pessa Tunissen
Blafl Clawson Demuth Heinola Linder Pezzolato Vecoplan
Bongioann Dosco (removed on request) Maier Precision Vermeer
Bruks Ducker Husky Mitts Rauma Wayne
Brush Erjo Jensen Morbark Rudnick Zeno


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