Granulator Knives

Material: HLS - 1.2379 – D2, CHIPPER - 1.2362 – A8
Usage: crushing of waste materials in plastics processing industry
Machine: crushing machine

Granulator Knives
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  • granulator knives of hardness 56 - 59 HRC
  • heat treatment made in a special computer-controlled oven
  • angle of cutting edge: around 50° as per type of machine and depending on the sort of waste material
  • manufacture of any plastics processing knife as per drawing documentation or a sample

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Granulator Knives Granulator Knives

We produce knives mainly for the following machines

Alpine Corcoran Gloncester Lodi Rainville Tria
Alsteele/Entoleter Cumberland Granutec Mitts/Merrill Ramco R&S Triple S
Berlyn Dreher Gruendler Nelmor Rapid Wortex
Black Friar Dryflo Herbold Pallmann Rotogran  
CMB Falzoni Hydraclaim Polymer Sorema  
Conair Flinchbaugh (FPI) IMS Previero Sprout Waldren  
Condux Foremost Intrapala Process Control Taylor Styles  


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