Production of Industrial Knives, Viewing Production

We manufacture knives for machines of the following brands

Pallmann, Maier, Klöcker, Bezner, CAE, Hombak, Pessa, Rauma, Repola, Zeno, Vecoplan, Rudnick & Enners, Brupc, Carthage, Wigger, Cremona, Raute, Rapidex, Rapid, Herbold, Condux, Cumberland, Alpine, Weis, Lindner, Erema, Heinola, etc.


At present, PILANA TOOLS is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial knives for wood and plastic in Europe with more than 200 workers in the knife production. Every month we manufacture about 20 000 flaker knives, 3000 serrated knives and 25 000 m planing knives.
Our company offers many types and dimensions of these knives. The knives are manufactured from the best material which is especially suitable for these products. The design corresponds to the European standards ISO and DIN. During production we mainly use the following material: 19824, 19830, 19573, 19569 and 13180 (DIN 1.3355, 1.3343, 1.2379, 1.2631, 1.2362, 1.2003) delivered from Germany, Sweden and Austria.
Thanpc to high quality and competitive pricing we export more than 94% of the knives into 74 countries over the entire world, mainly into the countries of the European Union and the USA. The knives from PILANA TOOLS allow the usage in the most difficult working conditions. A world renowned evaluating company Dun&Bradstreet appointed PILANU TOOLS with the highest possible evaluation A1, which confirms our long-term financial stability and good payment moral.


Stable quality is insured by continual inspection, vast experience and constant development. Every employee is responsible for the quality of his work and it is expected of them to constantly look for methods of how to improve the quality of their products and services. By instilling the responsibility for quality to every person in the company, the goal of PILANA TOOLS is to achieve the highest possible level available in every step of the process, which results in the elimination of customer complaints and un-satisfaction. Our quality system is a documented set of procedures, which ensures the basic requirements of customers.
PILANA TOOLS is determined to become the largest manufacturer of industrial knives. In order to achieve this, we must offer our customers the highest quality level of products and the highest quality level of service.


There are 84 machine tools located on an area of 7000 m2.

Area grinders
CNC profile grinder 400 x 800 mm 40 kW 3 pc
Horiz. spindle 400 x 1300 mm 25 kW 7 pc
Vert. spindle 400 x 2000 mm 92 kW 12 pc
Vert. spindle 400 x 3000 mm 92 kW 4 pc
Vert. spindle 600 x 2000 mm 108 kW 1 pc
Vert. spindle 800 x 3000 mm 110 kW 1 pc
Vert. spindle 300 x 1000 mm 23 kW 10 pc
Vert. spindle 300 x 1500 mm 23 kW 9 pc
Vert. spindle 4500 x 250 mm 20 kW 1 pc
Total   2440 kW 48 pc
Machining centre and milling machines
CNC vert. 400 x 1250 mm 12 kW 4 pc
CNC vert. 400 x 400 mm 15 kW 1 pc
NC Vert. 400 x 1250 mm 25 kW 2 pc
Various universal     5 pc
Other machines
Continual hardening furnace Heimsoth 1250 x 12000 mm with a hardening press manufactured in 2001
Laser cutting machine Trumph 1500 x 3000 mm
Plasma cutting machine 2000 x 4000 mm
Band saws for metal 4 pc
Various other machines 20 pc



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