Veneer Knives

Material: special chipper steel developed for manufacture of chipper, veneer slicing and flaker knives, CHIPPER – 1.2362, 1.2631 – A8 in Solid design
Usage: slicing, peeling and cutting of veneer
Machine: peeling and slicing machines, veneer slicers

Veneer Knives
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  • veneer slicing knives of hardness 57 to 60 HRC heat treatment made in a special computer-controlled oven
  • angle of cutting edge: approx. 20°
  • besides knives, we also supply other components: pressure bars and other components depending on the type of machine

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Veneer Knives Veneer Knives Veneer Knives

We produce knives mainly for the following machines

AEW Derouleuse Chambon Minami Shonai Uroko
Arizun Derulor John Monguzi Sodeme Valette
Brugg Fezer Josting Muller Tai-Hei Victor
Capital Fisher Jusan Nishigami Tai-Yuan Watarai
COE FRF Kaiser Peller Takekana Weitina
Colombo Fudder Kelner PM_I Tanouchi Zuen_Kwan
Corali Fukushima KPS Rapidex Temil  
Cremona Hasimoto Marunaka Raute Thoms/Benato  
Dahol Hattori Meinan Aristo RFR Tromag  


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